Extendable ground screws

Screw piles to form the foundation

The foundation — is the base of any construction. Screw piles foundation — simply and easily to build up different strength and reliability. Screw piles — a metal rods with screws on the tip. Ground anchor deep in the earth to a depth of 1.5 meters. Can be used on any ground type for the construction of residential buildings, industrial and non-residential buildings, fences, solar power, communication bases, pavilions, terraces, piers, sheds, public transport, parking lots, park buildings and other structures.

Accommodations of screw piles in construction

Why screwpiles are so popular? This technology of making foundations has certain accommodations that make it more attractive in comparison with traditional:

  • installation process is very fast and easy;

  • no need to pluck trench

  • for installation;

  • guaranteed high reliability;

  • foundation could easily exist in conditions of high humidity;

  • installation is possible in any weather and climatic conditions;

  • earth anchors do not afraid of the coldness and temperature changes;

  • suitable for use on any type of ground, including peat and weak;

  • piles can withstand high loads (each capable of withstanding up to the several tons of load);

  • affordable prices on screw piles.

Types of ground anchors

Earth anchors can be divided into several types:

  • Welded piles — are manufactured by welding separated parts. Products may have diameter 57 mm.,  102 mm. and so on. Piles with a small diameter can be used for the construction of greenhouses, animal units, terraces, bridges, fences with mesh. Piles 76 mm in diameter are suitable for the terraces, agricultural buildings, small technical buildings. The largest piles used in the formation of the foundation — with a diameter of 108 mm. They are suitable for private homes, structures on unstable ground, sliding gates and fences.

  • Three spiral welded piles developed specifically for the construction of fences on the weak, unstable grounds and wetlands, which must not only withstand right and also to the wind shaking the palisade and so on. May have any diameter, for installation must be used mechanical devices of high power.

  • Cast- in-situ piles can withstand a greater load. The thickness of the cast-in-situ pile higher than usual welded pile, what making the product more reliable and stable. The absence of welds prevent corrosion of the surface.

  • Galvanized helical screw piles with a cast-in-situ tip — it's the best, most reliable and most stable, durable products. Outside and inside the pile coated to protect it against corrosion, corrosive environment, ground with high levels of acids. The surface is also protected from scratching at the stones, iron and rebar. Galvanized coating is able to serve for decades.

Welded piles have low cost and can be used for creating different constructions. Expiration date of earth anchors is up to 120 years. If you plan to build house on rocky terrain, it is better to give preference to cast-in-situ screw piles, because there is no chance to damage it, also they are not afraid of solid clay and debris. The absence of welds increases the expiration date.

Galvanized piles can be in operation for 200 years, and the item will not be subjected to corrosion. After installation you can forget about earth anchors.

High quality screw piles

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