Screw piles are the guarantee of reliable foundation

The foundation is a house basis, so the special attention is paid to it at the process of construction. Screw piles have showed their reliability and simplicity of installation long ago. Before installing of screw piles, it is enough to get known simple features and advantages of pile foundation.  

The advantages of pile foundation

At the beginning of construction, such problem as the low soil bearing capacity appears quite often. In case, the area where construction is supposed is peat or marshy the technology of screw piles installation is exactly what you need for creation of reliable foundation. Water-saturated and clay soils are not obstacle for such foundation. The only exception is rocky or pebble area where it is physically impossible to mount piles.

Regardless of type of soil and weather conditions, the mounting of screw piles is carried out during quite short period – about 2 days. It is possible to start construction directly after installation. The cost of pile foundation is substantially below as compared with strip and raft analogues.

The mounting of screw piles

One more advantage is that you can cope with the mounting alone. You do not need any specialized equipment or any land-levelling for the installation of piles that also significantly saves the budget and time. Prior to construction, it is needed to calculate the necessary amount of piles. The bearing capacity of foundation has to have 30 percent margin of safety from the weight of the building, and additional loadings. As for length, it is also best of all to take it with a stock. It is necessary to know that a pile should be submerged to the depth of soil freezing that is about one and a half meters.

Before to wind screw piles it is needed to check tool set. A shovel, magnetic level, hydro level, a roulette, rebars, scrap and two pipes, a sledgehammer, a garden drill, an angle grinder and cutting wheels are required for this purpose.

It is very important to do the correct marking. Using of rebars and strings is the best of all. The winding of screw piles starts with corner ones, accordingly the marking starts with them too. Then using the drill holes are made. The holes must have smaller diameter than piles. Then by means of scrap, pipes and magnetic level the pile is wound and leveled. You can buy screw piles in Kiev, Ukraine on website of shop Bayo-S. We propose solutions for construction of both dwelling and large-scale buildings at reasonable price.
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