Pile Driver Machine

Suitable for large size projects. Self-propelled crawler pile driving machine with installing capacity of around 300 pile a day. Unigue machine for screwing, ramming, predrilling and using pike functionality. Increased accessibility due to rubber tracks.

  • 8 levers provide precise machine positioning
  • Strong hydraulic system with cast-iron pump and a flow rate of 90l/min at 190 BAR
  • Pile inclination range of +/- 15 degrees both transverse of longitudinal
  • Folding column with extractable supporting foot on column base for a safe pile extraction
  • Post drining capacity 16x12x290 cm
  • Installation of screw vertically and/or at an angle of max. 15 degrees
  • Screw driving range length 209 cm
  • Controllable and measurable torque and thurst force
  • During screw installation hydraulic pressure is digital recorded
  • Maximal instalation torque 5300 Nm
  • Maximum capacity: up to 300 screws per day
  • Accessories: GPS
  • Total weight: 2100 kg

Installation Mast

Suitable for medium sized projects. Wall hydraulic mast attachment for mounting and excavator exceeding 3,5 tons to all skid steers, bobcats, etc.

  • Installation of screw vertically and/or at an angle
  • Screw driving lenght: 250 cm
  • Controllable and measurable torque and thrust force
  • Digital torque reader: provides digital recording of hydraulic pressure when installing screw
  • Maximum capacity: 200 screws per day
  • Accesories: GPS, Drill head, Torque reader, Quick attach ISO
  • Torque: 5000 Nm
  • Total weight: 370 kg

Gearbox set 1:150

Suitable for small size installations. Hand tool for installation of professional screws with SDS PLUS drilling machine.

  • Instalation of screw vertically and/or at an angle
  • Screw driving depth: 150 cm (1.5 meters)
  • Multiplying rate: 1:156
  • Maximum capacity: Up to 50 screws per day
  • Maximum torque: 4000 Nm
  • Total weight: 37 kg

Testing machine

Used to evaluate stability. Device for measuring vertical and horizontal tensile strenght i any given soil type. Measured with precise digital recording.

  • Works in combination with Pile driver machine
  • Direct connection to laptop by USB-cable
  • Accesories: GPS
  • Total weight: 565 kg

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